A Terrible Place To Live

I started this Blog to help travelers and people in tucson see what I have seen over the past 10 years, All I could find on the internet were Pictures of Mt Lemon( which is partially burnt down), The desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, Neighborhoods North of River, and Saguaro National Monument. This only represents 10% of Tucson, The majority of this town is completely run down, crime ridden, and down right disgusting.
I was born and raised here, over the past 10 years I have watched the town I once loved change astronomically, It is a terrible place to live, and an even worse town to try and raise a family.
It is a great place to live if you enjoy carrying a gun in your waist, dealing drugs, and robbing innocent people, if this is the lifestyle you choose to live than you will feel right at home here in Tucson.
The Summers are unbearable it gets to be 120 at times, with very few activities for relief, there are some resort pools to cool off at, if you can get a room, if you do they are discounted so much in the summer that the pool is filled with low life's and drunks.
There is truly no relief from the heat you are a prisoner in your own home during the day time hours, you are forced to go out at night when it is cooler, needless to say this is when the majority of thugs, gang bangers, and drug addicts roam the streets.
We do not have any sports teams to watch, everyone down here makes a huge deal about a college football team (The Wildcats) a total joke! They tailgate down by the U of A before games, it is sad to watch this town try and do it like the big boys (AZ Cardinals) up in PHX.
Tucson has a terrible problem with the homeless population, they are not like trendy homeless kids they are like, scary, drug addict mentally ill homeless people. They flock here due to the dry climate and warm winters, in the dead of summer they move into Psychiatric facilities and shelters, in the winter they roam the streets and stand on traffic islands panhandling.
If you are thinking of moving here "DO NOT DO IT" If you live here and are thinking of leaving, get out before it gets worse, or you end up dead. I will be leaving here real soon and never coming back.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

One of Tucson's Finest

TUCSON - Tucson Police have identified the officers involved in a shootout with a suspect Friday night.
Police say Castillo fled on foot and the officers followed. During the foot pursuit police say Castillo turned toward the officers and fired at them. Sergeant Dennison and Officer Schneider returned fire.
Sergeant Christopher Dennison and Officer David Schneider were attempting to serve a search warrant on 36-year-old Michael Castillo as he was leaving his apartment near Grant and Oracle.
Castillo was struck multiple times and is still in a local hospital where he is expected to survive his injuries. No officers were injured during the exchange of gunfire.
When he's released from the hospital, Castillo will be transported and booked into the Pima County Jail. His charges are still pending and haven't been released.Sergeant Christopher Dennison is a 10-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department. Officer David Schneider is a 4-year veteran.

I no longer live in Tucson, I got my family out of this violent border town last month. I keep looking at stories in the news and post from time to time. My parents still lve among these thugs and gang bangers, i am hoping to getthem out of there ASAP.  We moved to Portland last month and I can't tell you how different things are up here if you are thinking about raising a family in Tucson don't do it, Get out now before you are stuck there, It is truly a terrible place to exist.


  1. You escaped! I don't know when my sentence will be up - I am starting to fear I will die here - I made an impulsive move 30 years ago, hated it from the moment I arrived, but because I wanted to make others happy, I stayed. Was promised we would not raise our children here - we did - two are gone, I'm at an all time low just wracking my brain trying to figure out where to go and what to do with my life after raising 3 boys - I'm 50 and the depression of being here for so long has taken a tremendous toll. Yet, I know I'll find my way out - I'm glad you found your way out!

  2. Portland meth capitol good luck

  3. That's my cousin! Yea, I love it here. Fuck y'all that don't....gangsta for life bitches fuck yer dreams

    1. STFU asshole! Gangsta for life? You are a piece of shit asshole for life! You are pathetic and a disgrace to your mother! You should be taken out with the trash because you are garbage! You are what makes Tucson disgusting and dirty.

    2. His actual Nickname is ''Villain'' I ran into this guy him and his little rat as cousins him and they are thief's. Im glad he is in and currently in now. I like Tucson but you'll have to be More Street smart here if you wanna survive here. You need to know who the person is before your doing your business.
      This guys a bitch aint shit talks alot but hides in his house. I know his family. like i said. know the person. His lady lives by benson and valencia. Guys i like you blog. not against it but keep your head you doing good for people that dont know.,

  4. I have lived here sense 1974 and I can honestly say, this city has slowly turned into a shit hole.
    There is nothing to do in this town unless you are one or all of the following, a drunk, drug user, drug push, thief or whore.
    During the summer it is too hot to go anywhere but too dangerous to go out as soon as the sun goes down. It's not just one side of town that is bad, it is ALL of Tucson.
    A month ago I had 2 guys walking up behind me on my heals at Park Place Mall. They were by all means far to close and no need to be that close. I immediately yelled at them to back the F off and jumped to the side and motioned for them to go ahead of me. I am a woman of 5'3 and always keep my eye's and ears open for shit like that. I knew they were up to something but they crossed the wrong person. This was also at 2 in the afternoon!!

  5. LMFAO.....Portland! Should've researched that one a little bit more. I'm not saying Tucson is wonderful but Portland is no better than Tucson.


  6. This shit pile excuse of a city will never be like the big boys. I regret moving here and anyone who admits their a "native" of this place is a fucking joke! They think their little TOWN is the center of the Universe. If you're from this trash heap city, you should just keep your mouth shut. There is no class to this place and there never will be. Mexico doesn't even want it back.

  7. The streets are ugly here to mention the potholez that give driver flat tires.

  8. I have been here since 1998. At first it was nice the wages were fair and pretty much got out of what you put into it. But slowly it all started to turn shit. Construction jobs here are shitty and if you are young person just starting out they expect to pay shit wages now but expect you to have the skills of journey man. The rents have gotten over inflated and the wages have actually dropped. Business owners here are the stingiest arrogant sons of bitches you will ever meet. Since 2007 I have been told that I am over qualified for most jobs. Which means I demand better pay , a certain level of respect and might have issues taking crap from a pimply faced manager who does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.

    Crime has gone through the roof since then and almost every night that fucking helicopter circling the neighborhood as it spotlights everyone's windows.

    The boarded strip malls and gas stations should tell anyone that business is down and wages are down. You should not even go into busines for yourself. In tough times I have done labor and remodel jobs just to keep myself going and these fuckers you have to chase them down to get paid and even when doing a job for waaaayyy less than a lic. contractor would charge they act like they are you doing you a favor.

    Do not start a business here. You will not thrive. The only business growth here is the fast food chains and tacky little eat joints owned by big corporations.

    The schools are ranked the lowest in the country. Which explains a lot. These kids are dumber than shit and have this entitlement attitude and its just frustrating to even work with them. Half the girls are out constantly on FMLA who you know there is nothing wrong with them but the company also refuses fire them. These idiots also believe the workplace is like a reality show to see who they can fired. the last two places I have worked in they try to form "alliances" and look for people to fuck with. Seriously? Not the kind of culture I would encourage. But its like that.

    You cannot walk into gas station anymore with some idiot kid asking you for spare change or a smoke. These little beggers will someday graduate to muggers. When I first moved here you never seen anything like anywhere. But now they are all over the fucking place. Breaking into cars, burglarizing neighborhoods and bike theft is a constant. With out sounding like racist but most of these people come here from Compton and watts. So you know what that means? Crack and heroine. Its everywhere.

    The people who are FROM here think their shit don't stink either. Every woman I have dated FROM here is a gold digger and a cheater. Seriously , if I hear that you are FROM Tucson born and raised that to me is a big red flag. Like having no college degree and working a ten dollar an hour job entitles one to live on the best side of town and a new car. Sorry not gonna buy you one.

    So to recap. The business and wages here suck. The work environment sucks. To many homeless people and crack heads stealing bikes and breaking into your car. the people here suck. The schools suck. Unemployment is at high and it keeps climbing. The property values are extremely unrealistic. For the most part this city has its entire head up their asses.

    It is truly getting worse and gone down hill year after year after year.

    1. How dare you conflate all of the women living in a particular city to specific bad experiences you've had. Do you realize what each of those failed relationships have in common? You! Not the women of Tucson, AZ you misogynist.

    2. True that. He or she also generalized the kids of Tucson. Tucson is still a hell hole though imo

  9. I think this is bull shit cause its not all about the ugly streets a there ugly but the things people gotta do in um to get to were they need to be is end less there are lots more than just thugs crack heads and fens its crazy how every body talks shit about us but aint doing good them selfs.


  10. I've lived in the Tucson area for most of my adult life. I can say, without a doubt, that it is one of the worst cities in America today. With rampant crime, constant corruption scandals, roving gangs of retarded thugs, laughable infrastructure, mediocre public transportation and a totally nonexistent job market; one looks in awe of anyone stupid enough to choose to move to the anus of Arizona. And, to top it all off, Tucson has just recently been overrun with a tyrannical army of insane liberals and their multicultural "rapefugee" population. If I could move, I would. Until that day comes, I'm going to sit in front of my computer and piss and moan about how much it sucks here in Tucson. Have a MAGA day, everybody.