A Terrible Place To Live

I started this Blog to help travelers and people in tucson see what I have seen over the past 10 years, All I could find on the internet were Pictures of Mt Lemon( which is partially burnt down), The desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, Neighborhoods North of River, and Saguaro National Monument. This only represents 10% of Tucson, The majority of this town is completely run down, crime ridden, and down right disgusting.
I was born and raised here, over the past 10 years I have watched the town I once loved change astronomically, It is a terrible place to live, and an even worse town to try and raise a family.
It is a great place to live if you enjoy carrying a gun in your waist, dealing drugs, and robbing innocent people, if this is the lifestyle you choose to live than you will feel right at home here in Tucson.
The Summers are unbearable it gets to be 120 at times, with very few activities for relief, there are some resort pools to cool off at, if you can get a room, if you do they are discounted so much in the summer that the pool is filled with low life's and drunks.
There is truly no relief from the heat you are a prisoner in your own home during the day time hours, you are forced to go out at night when it is cooler, needless to say this is when the majority of thugs, gang bangers, and drug addicts roam the streets.
We do not have any sports teams to watch, everyone down here makes a huge deal about a college football team (The Wildcats) a total joke! They tailgate down by the U of A before games, it is sad to watch this town try and do it like the big boys (AZ Cardinals) up in PHX.
Tucson has a terrible problem with the homeless population, they are not like trendy homeless kids they are like, scary, drug addict mentally ill homeless people. They flock here due to the dry climate and warm winters, in the dead of summer they move into Psychiatric facilities and shelters, in the winter they roam the streets and stand on traffic islands panhandling.
If you are thinking of moving here "DO NOT DO IT" If you live here and are thinking of leaving, get out before it gets worse, or you end up dead. I will be leaving here real soon and never coming back.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recent headlines!!!!

1. A body was found near a park near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and police say foul play is not suspected.
Tucson Police spokesperson Sgt. Maria Hawke says no detectives were called to the scene, indicating that there were probably no suspicious activities leading to the death.
There has been no information released about the body, nor how police were alerted to the wash where the body was discovered.
The Golf Links Sports Complex is located on the northwest side of the intersection of South Craycroft and Golf Links roads.
According to TPD officials the body was discovered in the concrete drainage ditch, a little after 7 a.m.
TPD investigators wrapped up their work at the scene around 9 a.m.

2. The Pima County Sheriff's Department wants to question a man after finding a woman dead on Tucson's south side last night.
Deputies are searching for 29-year-old Stephen J. Malone.
Deputies responded to a report of shots fired in the 4900 Block of East Butterweed Drive, near I-10 and Valencia.
3. 25-year-old Augustina Soto was found dead inside a vehicle.
Investigators say a female passenger, who neighbors say was Soto's sister was in the vehicle and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.
Neighbors who knew Soto and Malone say they had been in a relationship since high school and have three children together.
If you know where Malone is, or if you saw anything suspicious on Butterweed Drive last night, you are urged to call 911 or 88-CRIME.   
4. Tucson Police continue to seek information in the stabbing death of an east-side convenience store clerk.
22-year-old Erick Bridges was critically wounded Friday morning when somebody attacked him at an AM/PM  store on East Tanque Verde.  He died the next day.
Thanks to surveillance video from the store, investigators do have some idea who they're looking for.
He's a white or Hispanic male in his early 20s. He's 5-8 with a very thin build. But unfortunately, due to what he was wearing, we never get a very good look at his face.

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  1. Tucson was always very high per capita for rape and general pervy behavior, particularly around the University (I worked there from 1991 to 2002). Very little of it made the news though, it would be bad for admissions.